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A Cycling Adventure

     Bikepacking in Northern Oman.

Who I am and Why I started Bikepacking New Zealand

11599336804_d7d1051bb8_o (2)Photo of myself at the start of my 2012 African Cycling misadventure.


I’m Peter Goodman

From Northland New Zealand and now living in Taupo for over 10 years.

I started Mountain Biking in about 1985, and on my 1st O.E. to the UK started cycle touring in 1987.

Within a few months I cut my load from front and rear panniers plus a bit more down to just two small front panniers on my front forks with just a change of clothes and a little food.

On my 2nd O.E. to the UK, Europe and North Africa I started driving adventure tours and camped out for almost the whole of the next 3+ years full time.

After riding in my 1st Kiwi Brevet in 2015 and making lots of mistakes (sending home Kg’s of spare gear, trying to keep up with faster riders ect.) I got talking to a number of people about Bikepacking in NZ and this ended up with me start the facebook group Bikepacking New Zealand.

Now with this group growing to over 1600 members I feel it’s time to step it up with a website, in order to provide more information, content and resources. I am going to continue posting with stories from people bikepacking around NZ, any bike packing adventures the community has had, Kiwis Bike Packing overseas, routes and helpful hints for short overnighters to longer trips around NZ and much more. I also have a youtube channel in the works where I will be posting videos and a podcast with interviews of Bike Packers and their adventures around the globe. Check out Bike Packing New Zealand’s social media pages above. Plus we will have a Calendar on upcoming Events, Bikepacking evenings etc.

The Bikepacking New Zealand website is more about we then I. If you would like to write about your epic bikepacking adventure, a short overnight campout, or your Bikepacking setup then please email me with a few photo’s and an article and I’ll post it here. I can post it totally anonymously if you would like so please just let me know.


PS. Please excuse the bad grammar and spelling form all PG postings