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Hi I’m Pete

From Northland New Zealand and now living in Taupo for over 10 years.

I started Mountain Biking in about 1985, started cycle touring in 1987.

After riding in my 1st Kiwi Brevet in 2015 and making lots of mistakes (sending home Kg’s of spare gear, trying to keep up with faster riders etc.) I got talking to a number of people about Bikepacking in NZ and this ended up with myself starting the facebook group Bikepacking New Zealand.

Now with this group growing to over 2K members so I feel it’s time to start this website, in order to provide more information, content and resources. I am going to continue posting with stories from people bikepacking around NZ, any bikepacking adventures the community has had, Kiwis Bike Packing overseas, routes and helpful hints for short over nighters to longer trips around NZ and much more. I also have a youtube channel in the works where I will be posting videos and a podcast with interviews of Bike Packers and their adventures around the globe. Check out Bike Packing New Zealand’s social media pages above. Plus we will have a Calendar on upcoming Events, Bikepacking evenings etc.

The Bikepacking New Zealand website is about we. If you would like to write about your epic bikepacking adventure, a short overnight campout, or your Bikepacking setup then please email me with a few photo’s and an article and I’ll post it here. I can post it totally anonymously if you would like so please just let me know.


PS. Please excuse the bad grammar and spelling form all PG postings

BikeMag Tour Aotearoa

BikeMag Tour Aotearoa


Numb Hands?

Shaking Off Numb Hands? this link maybe of help

Source: bike fitting blog 


Wolftooth Double Bottle Mounts

So if you need a second bottle the new Wolftooth Mounts work very well for me.

Parts as they come the mount “B-Rad 2” Left and the double bottle adapters

How they fit as one, Note: this is with a B-Rad 2 I ended up using a B-Rad 3 on my Bike to have more room for my Knee’s

Note: You can move your bottles up,and down with the B-Rad’s to make room for a bag too

Here it’s all mounted up on my Jones 29+ bike.

Yes my bike was wet, because it rain’s sometimes in NZ


We the B-Rad 2ed My knee would just hit my bottles


Just with the B-Rad 2


B-Rad 2 close up


We the B-Rad 3 Mounted up now my knees do not hit on big climbs


B-Rad 3 Mount up close

If you after a set of B-Rad and double bottle adapters look up Revolution Products for your local bike shop who may have them in stock or can order them. At my place of work Top Gear Cycles, Taupo we try to keep some in stock, We have sold a good number so far and had good reports from customers too.

Update: If you’re looking to run a Frame Bag too then the B-Rad’s will not work for you. So here is a mount that will work for you Trevor Woodward Bottle Cage Double Adaptor


My Adventure bike Fit

So when in OZ I learnt why I have not been comfortable on my Specialized Sequoia?

Well, I found out that with the narrow Q Factor of road cranks my feet are too close together with standard road or mountain bike pedals!

So how to fix this?

Some makes, make longer pedal axles (for me this is +6mm per side) which once fitted align my legs and this equals comfort and more control out riding.

I have learnt so much about Body Geometry Fit that I’m still buzzing.

Note: With most mountain bikes the cranks are wider spaced and I have always been much more comfortable on a Mountain Bike, and this is partly why.


Changing my Bike and Why

Why a change in direction with my bikepacking bike?

Well a few of you have been asking why i’m changing? maybe someone in OZ said that my Jones Loop handlebars were not a good idea for me! this is not true!

So why the change?

Well I have had a love / hate relationship with my Jones Handlebars (and Jones Bike’s), why? because I love the design but have always found for me the angle 45 degrees is too much! as I have been having hand and arm pain for the last few years.

Plus having got to 50+ I need some suspension.

In OZ I learned about Bike Fitting and things started to click in my head and once having a BG Bike Fit myself it just started feeling so much better. So i’m going to be changing back to 12 degree handlebar that I used 3 or so years ago and loved at the time but was looking for more hand placements (and yes they are Titanium)

So my new bike is ordered and on it’s way. Will be here in a few weeks.

Which make? I’m going with a Pivot (why because we sell them at work and i’m impressed with them)

Which model? a Les 29er (simple)

Fork? going with Fox 34 (Love them)

I have ordered again a Son 28 (15x110mm) Dyno front hub (from Chris @

Rim’s are going to be WTB KOM i29

Rear Hub? wait and see 🙂

Groupset? Shimano XT 2×10 (Longer chain life)

That’s all the info at this point in time.

You have to wait and see (Photo’s and build to come)


Bike Fitting for Bikepacking

So I’m just back in NZ after a week of learning about bike fitting, with my goal of learning about Bikepacking bike Fit.

More to come, but this is me changing the Fit for upcoming Bikepacking events.

Which Saddle #1

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