Changing my Bike and Why

Why a change in direction with my bikepacking bike?

Well a few of you have been asking why i’m changing? maybe someone in OZ said that my Jones Loop handlebars were not a good idea for me! this is not true!

So why the change?

Well I have had a love / hate relationship with my Jones Handlebars (and Jones Bike’s), why? because I love the design but have always found for me the angle 45 degrees is too much! as I have been having hand and arm pain for the last few years.

Plus having got to 50+ I need some suspension.

In OZ I learned about Bike Fitting and things started to click in my head and once having a BG Bike Fit myself it just started feeling so much better. So i’m going to be changing back to 12 degree handlebar that I used 3 or so years ago and loved at the time but was looking for more hand placements (and yes they are Titanium)

So my new bike is ordered and on it’s way. Will be here in a few weeks.

Which make? I’m going with a Pivot (why because we sell them at work and i’m impressed with them)

Which model? a Les 29er (simple)

Fork? going with Fox 34 (Love them)

I have ordered again a Son 28 (15x110mm) Dyno front hub (from Chris @

Rim’s are going to be WTB KOM i29

Rear Hub? wait and see 🙂

Groupset? Shimano XT 2×10 (Longer chain life)

That’s all the info at this point in time.

You have to wait and see (Photo’s and build to come)


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