Changing my Bike and Why



So I updated my Bikefit post.
I only rode about 800 km’s of TA this year because of my head injury!
So I made the right call (or more to the point the call of my bikepacking friends and my workmate Mark)
The fit and comfort of my Pivot worked out great, I could ride around the world with this setup.
The only problem was the last minute servicing and having to change to a smaller handlebar bag and then running out of space for my water and food! which i’m working on now.
If your not comfort on your Bikepacking bike to ride 8+ hours a day then find a Bike Fitter who knows about Bikepacking setup and see them.

At the end of the day Cycling and Bikepacking is about having fun.


Why a change in direction with my bikepacking bike?

Well a few of you have been asking why i’m changing? maybe someone in OZ said that my Jones Loop handlebars were not a good idea for me! this is not true!

So why the change?

Well I have had a love / hate relationship with my Jones Handlebars (and Jones Bike’s), why? because I love the design but have always found for me the angle 45 degrees is too much! as I have been having hand and arm pain for the last few years.

Plus having got to 50+ I need some suspension.

In OZ I learned about Bike Fitting and things started to click in my head and once having a BG Bike Fit myself it just started feeling so much better. So i’m going to be changing back to 12 degree handlebar that I used 3 or so years ago and loved at the time but was looking for more hand placements and yes they are Titanium (Because very badly bent in a unplanned dismount) Charged to Salsa Bend 2 (17 degrees) handlebars

So my new bike is ordered and on it’s way. Will be here in a few weeks.

Which make? I’m going with a Pivot (why because it works with my bike fit)

Which model? a Les 29er (simple)

Fork? Fox 34 (Love them) changed damper to a Grip Damper (more oil and it’s simple)

I have ordered again a Son 28 (15x110mm) Dyno front hub (from Chris @

Rim’s are going to be WTB KOM i29  (Because badly bent in a unplanned dismount)

New Rim’s DT Swiss XM 481 (a little stronger and wider at 30mm internal)

Rear Hub? Hadley made in the USA

Groupset? Shimano XT 2×10 (Longer chain life and better shifting)

That’s all the info at this point in time.

Here are a few Photo’s of my build




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