Cramped Cables!

Seems to be the bane of many Bikepacker’s.


Thought as i’m bored and stuck inside i’d share what i’ve found that works. First up before you buy any bags, sort your cables! Go to your LBS and get the cables shortened and routed well and this takes a lot of the pain away. Many have just left the cables as how the bike came and they are normally way long and just create problems. A good trick if you running a rigid fork is route the front brake behind the head tube then its right out of the way. 2nd, adjust your brakes and shifters a little higher to add clearance, they may not be in perfect position but it won’t kill you.


Lastly, with these sorted get your bags on and play, with Revelate Design bags you get the little spacers (newer models way better), use all the spaces, play around and go ride, see what works before your big ride. Don’t leave till night before cause you will stress out! I’ve found the closer i can get the bag to the handlebars the better the handling and more tyre clearance below the bag you have. Hope this helps and bring on Summer!


John Carman

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