Well sum of your may know I had a unplanned dismount late last year?
I ended up flying off my bike like Superman, but landed on my head a little bit hard.
I ended up staying off here a lot afterwards and thankful to friends for help.
So I ended up sleeping a lot and not training for Tour Aotearoa, after Xmas I started riding again a little with my longest ride being 40 kilometres……. not a lot.
So against some medical vice, I started in this year’s TA………..
Rode only 800 km’s and pulled out to sleep a lot more for the next two weeks.
I leaned a lot about my brain injury
But leaned more this week watching TVNZ I Am.
Shane Thrower thank you, I’m lucky not to have been as bad as you but brain injury’s are all different.
Product testing of helmets is not the best thing I have done, but being alive and recovering slowly is all good
Have fun out there and watch out for hole’s on easy cycle ways

TVNZ I AM Brain Injury


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