Modern Bicycle Geometry

So this first photo is of my old 2017 Pivot Les 29er a week before a unplanned dismount riding to work a week later!


Building up a week before dismount

Now you may note the short distance from the BB (where the crankset would be) to the front wheel axle, also the long handlebar stem. This makes the bike less stable when riding over uneven terrain and this leads a nervous feeling when riding down hills etc.

Most Bike have been made like this for the last 20 plus years so that you can turn into corners fast if you were in a race, but how many of us are racing? 

DSCF0119 (2)

After rebuild and I was riding in TA18

But mountain bikes have started to changing to a longer front end and slacker geometry from late 2018 from most maker’s, this makes the bike much more stable feeling riding over uneven terrain and especially on down hills.

I feel this change is for the better and my new Ritchey is so much more fun (and safer) to ride and that’s the point is it not?


Yes mostly the same bike but with a new Ritchey Ultra frame for a safer ride Pre TA2020

How gravel bikes are starting to change too the same way of thinking and here is a video by Alee (Cycling About) 


Alee this also written much more about this here Frame Geometry Masterclass

So I did know about this from my time as Motorcycle Engineer but had forgotten over time.

Here is my Jones LWB Plus from back in early 2017 and if only I had rode this bike in my unplanned dismount in late 2017! I probably would have not come off the same way?

May have broken some bones but not ended up with a TBI.

Yes I still have this bike and I have been riding her in this time of Lockdown, but I have changed one thing! the tyres are now 2.3″ x 29″er instead of the 3.0″ x 29″er which were feeling too slow because of the tyre and rim weight.

Early 2017

and here is her today


This week out for a ride

I hope this makes sent’s to you, Pete


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