Navigation Systems, Apps & Tip’s

Overland Archive Podcast

22: Tech Talk 4 – Navigation for Bikepacking with Emma Flukes and Ty Domin

This week is another Tech Talk episode!

This time around, tackling the topic of navigation for bikepacking.

Lewis Ciddor joined by Ty Domin and Emma Flukes for a round table discussion to cover everything from our route planning processes, navigation devices, phone apps, and GPS communicators/trackers such as InReach, Spot and ePIRB/PLBs. via @PodcastAddict

I hope you enjoy and find of some help to you.

I once used a Spot Gen 3 tracker but after some disappointing tracking in two events I sold my one and replaced it with a Garmin inReach Mini and it just works, plus my Mum can now check on me in my adventures in the back blocks.

Recharging is very easy for me with a Battery Bank and having a Dynamo hub too it simple.



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