Ride What Ya Brung: A First Brevet Cycling Experience

Deane Parker, a first-time Brevet participant, as he undertakes a 250km weekend bikepacking event with ‘The Flahute Presents’, in the Canterbury high country. If you live in the South Island and would like join in with “The Flahute Presents” here is a few links for you https://itu.co.nz/the-flahute/2020-the-flahute-presents-season/ and also find out more here too https://www.facebook.com/Theflahute/Continue reading “Ride What Ya Brung: A First Brevet Cycling Experience”

Guide To Tubeless Tyres

So here are two great videos about running tubeless. The first setting up your bike tubeless. The second video is about tubeless tyre repair’s when your out on you’re bikepacking adventure. Some people are going to answer why go tubeless as it looks a mess, well with a tube in one’s tyre a prickle orContinue reading “Guide To Tubeless Tyres”

FORGOTTEN HIGHWAYS- Of the Whanganui River, Explored by Mountain Bike and Packraft. TEASER

  ‘Forgotten Highways’, a film of adventure and cultural discovery is premiering and the 2020 NZ Mountain Film Festival, having received a ‘Special Judges Award’. Watch the teaser and stay tuned for the online premiere, COMING SOON.

Bikepacking Nomads – 387 Days: Riding Home

A short film about an epic bikepacking journey of two non-bikers who lived in New Zealand and decided to travel home on bicycles with a minimum gear. And where is their home? It’s located in the heart of Europe, in Czech republic, in Beskydy mountains close to Slovak and Polish borders. Enjoy the one yearContinue reading “Bikepacking Nomads – 387 Days: Riding Home”

Inspiration For A Short NZ Adventure

  The West Coast of the South Island is rapidly becoming New Zealand’s premier multi-day bike packing destination, you’ve got the Heaphy in the North, followed by the Old Ghost Road (surely being one of the top 10 in the world), the new and nearly finished Paparoa Trail and finally, the West Coast Wilderness trail.Continue reading “Inspiration For A Short NZ Adventure”