Numb Hands?

Shaking Off Numb Hands? this link maybe of help Source: bike fitting blog  Editor

My Adventure bike Fit

So when in OZ I learnt why I have not been comfortable on my Specialized Sequoia? Well, I found out that with the narrow Q Factor of road cranks my feet are too close together with standard road or mountain bike pedals! So how to fix this? Some makes, make longer pedal axles (for me…

Changing my Bike and Why

Why a change in direction with my bikepacking bike? Well a few of you have been asking why i’m changing? maybe someone in OZ said that my Jones Loop handlebars were not a good idea for me! this is not true! So why the change? Well I have had a love / hate relationship with…

Bike Fitting for Bikepacking

So I’m just back in NZ after a week of learning about bike fitting, with my goal of learning about Bikepacking bike Fit. More to come, but this is me changing the Fit for upcoming Bikepacking events.