The Grand Loop Film

The top of the South Island of New Zealand has rapidly become a destination for backcountry cyclists. Like all good ideas, this one, to ride the Old Ghost Road and Heaphy Track in one grand loop, was thrown about over a few beers in a bike shop in Richmond, Nelson. Two riders, Damian Stones andContinue reading “The Grand Loop Film”

The Doubtful Hope Route’- A double crossing of the Main Divide

An early winter impulsive 3 day backcountry bikepacking epic. Exploring the Amuri and Hope passes to link into a maybe un-ridden loop. Many river crossings and high hike to bike ratio meant for Type 2 fun all the way. Two mates, limited planning and a short weather window, sounds like an epic in the making…Continue reading “The Doubtful Hope Route’- A double crossing of the Main Divide”

Navigation Systems, Apps & Tip’s

Overland Archive Podcast I hope you enjoy and find of some help to you. I once used a Spot Gen 3 tracker but after some disappointing tracking in two events I sold my one and replaced it with a Garmin inReach Mini and it just works, plus my Mum can now check on me inContinue reading “Navigation Systems, Apps & Tip’s”

Mākū – New Zealand Gravel Bike Film

In November 2019 Damian Stones and Mike Anderson set off to the Marlborough Sounds across the top of the South Island in search of challenging trails on their gravel bikes. The weather forecast was less than ideal but due to time restrictions they decided to commit to this journey with the idea that, ‘surely, itContinue reading “Mākū – New Zealand Gravel Bike Film”

Ride What Ya Brung: A First Brevet Cycling Experience

Deane Parker, a first-time Brevet participant, as he undertakes a 250km weekend bikepacking event with ‘The Flahute Presents’, in the Canterbury high country. If you live in the South Island and would like join in with “The Flahute Presents” here is a few links for you and also find out more here too reading “Ride What Ya Brung: A First Brevet Cycling Experience”

Guide To Tubeless Tyres

So here are two great videos about running tubeless. The first setting up your bike tubeless. The second video is about tubeless tyre repair’s when your out on you’re bikepacking adventure. Some people are going to answer why go tubeless as it looks a mess, well with a tube in one’s tyre a prickle orContinue reading “Guide To Tubeless Tyres”