Navigation Systems, Apps & Tip’s

Overland Archive Podcast I hope you enjoy and find of some help to you. I once used a Spot Gen 3 tracker but after some disappointing tracking in two events I sold my one and replaced it with a Garmin inReach Mini and it just works, plus my Mum can now check on me inContinue reading “Navigation Systems, Apps & Tip’s”

Wolftooth Double Bottle Mounts

So if you need a second bottle the new Wolftooth Mounts work very well for me. Parts as they come the mount “B-Rad 2” Left and the double bottle adapters How they fit as one, Note: this is with a B-Rad 2 I ended up using a B-Rad 3 on my Bike to have more room for myContinue reading “Wolftooth Double Bottle Mounts”