Bikepacking New Zealand Podcast 

Here is a sample of upcoming podcasts about bikepacking riders equipment adventure’s overseas and about New Zealand   Source: Feb 11, 2019 00:39


Well sum of your may know I had a unplanned dismount late last year? I ended up flying off my bike like Superman, but landed on my head a little bit hard. I ended up staying off here a lot afterwards and thankful to friends for help. So I ended up sleeping a lot and…

Swift Campout

So for the second time we are going to have a midwinter solstice overnight bikepacking/light weight cycle touring campout (overnight) camping at Kawakawa Bay just close to Kinloch. I’ll be starting from Taupo, you join in my slow ride to Kawakawa Bay or ride at your speed. You can drive out to Kinloch and cycle…

Bikepacking NZ Stickers

So at long last I have got 30 set’s of Bikepacking New Zealand stickers up for sale. A mixed set of four (as above) are now available for $5.00 plus postage. Email PS: Can also pickup from Top Gear Cycles in Taupo (my place of work)

Fay’s Tour Divide

Fay Cunningham TD 2017 2300hrs July 6 2017 the final hours My phone alarm disturbs me..a quick glance at the time tells me I have been asleep for 90 mins. I’m in Silver City, the Palace Hotel a marvellous olde worlde hotel curled up in clean white sheets, Garrett is curled up beside me, Andrew…