Bikepacking New Zealand & Bikepacking New Zealand Podcast Update

Well sorry for the months of quietness, posts and lack of Podcasts.

1st I was saving up for podcasting recording equipment.

This is all done and bought.

2nd a day after the last of the equipment arrived I got notice of having to find a new place to live.

I have now moved home.

So I’m planning to record 1st full Podcast in the coming months and post soon after.

Changing my Bike (a little more) and Why

1st Ride on my new Ritchey Ultra frame Bikepacking bike and it’s alive and fun to ride

Updated: 20/01/2019

So I updated my Bikefit post again

I only rode about 800 km’s of TA 2018 because of my head injury in late 2017!

I made the right call to stop.

The fit and comfort of my Pivot worked out great, I could ride around the world with this setup.

But being made from carbon it felt dead under me and I started looking for a bike frame that would be alive and make riding fun again.
The only problem was the last minute servicing and having to change to a smaller handlebar bag and then running out of space for my water and food!

Which i’m working on a new design idea…for 2019

If your not comfort on your Bikepacking bike to ride 8+ hours a day then find a Bike Fitter who knows about Bikepacking setup and see them.

At the end of the day Cycling and Bikepacking is about having fun.

Why a change in direction with my bikepacking bike?

Well a few of you have been asking why i’m changing from my Jones? Well someone in OZ said that my Jones Loop handlebars were not a good idea for me!

I have had a love / hate relationship with my Jones Handlebars (and Jones Bike’s on to my 3rd Jones and it’s up For Sale now).

Why? because I love the design but have always found for me the angle 45 degrees is too much! as I have been having hand and arm pain for the last few years using them.

Plus having got to 50+ I need some suspension.

In OZ I learned about Bike Fitting and things started to click in my head and once having a BG Bike Fit myself it just started feeling so much better. So i’m going to be changing back to 12 degree handlebar that I used 3 or so years ago and loved at the time but was looking for more hand placements (Because I very badly bent them in a unplanned dismount I had to find a handlebar that was available in NZ at the time) Salsa Bend 2 (17 degrees) handlebars So I have changed my handlebars again after waiting almost a year I have got a new pair of Thomson 12 degree Titanium bars and fitted them because they are so much more comfortable for me.

So my new bike.

Make? I’m going with a new Ritchey because steel is alive and the carbon felt died!

So I sold my Pivot frame off

Which model? a Ultra 29er

Fork? Fox 34 (Love them) changed damper to a Grip Damper (more oil and it’s simple)

Front hub? Son {15x110mm) Dyno front hub (from Chris @

Rim’s? are WTB KOM i29  (Because badly bent in a unplanned dismount)

New Rim’s DT Swiss XM 481 (a little stronger and wider at 30mm internal) Love them

Rear Hub? Hadley made in the USA and strong

Groupset? Shimano XT 2×10 (Longer chain life and better shifting)

That’s all the info at this point in time.

Here are a few Photos of my rebuild


Waipoua Forest TA 2018
Northland NZ on my Pivot Les framed TA 2018
Rebuilding my bike up with all new Ritchey Ultra frame


Build and Test riding time
1st Ride on my new Ritchey Ultra frame Bikepacking bike and it’s alive and fun to ride



Well sum of your may know I had a unplanned dismount late last year?
I ended up flying off my bike like Superman, but landed on my head a little bit hard.
I ended up staying off here a lot afterwards and thankful to friends for help.
So I ended up sleeping a lot and not training for Tour Aotearoa, after Xmas I started riding again a little with my longest ride being 40 kilometres……. not a lot.
So against some medical vice, I started in this year’s TA………..
Rode only 800 km’s and pulled out to sleep a lot more for the next two weeks.
I leaned a lot about my brain injury
But leaned more this week watching TVNZ I Am.
Shane Thrower thank you, I’m lucky not to have been as bad as you but brain injury’s are all different.
Product testing of helmets is not the best thing I have done, but being alive and recovering slowly is all good
Have fun out there and watch out for hole’s on easy cycle ways

TVNZ I AM Brain Injury