Retül: Insoles To Create Stability

Yes this is a Retül add, but from experience it’s right to support your foot in your shoes with a cycling perspective insole in your flat or SPD shoes.

For me I need a middle arch support in my left shoe and a high arch support in my right shoe.

I had to travel to Australia in 2017 to learn this but you don’t.

See any good bikefitter in your local town/city, or your can go to one of a number of Retül bike fitters around NZ.

Happy cycling all.


Gravel New Zealand

So I’m adding gravel posts and a gravel events calendar to Bikepacking New Zealand as we can have day rides too.

I ride my 1st gravel loop over the weekend and it was so much fun that i’m going to share my Ride GPS file and a few photos incase you may like to ride the same loop and in the future I plan to do the same.

I Hope a few of you may ride this loop and enjoy it.

More to come at


The Grand Loop Film

The top of the South Island of New Zealand has rapidly become a destination for backcountry cyclists. Like all good ideas, this one, to ride the Old Ghost Road and Heaphy Track in one grand loop, was thrown about over a few beers in a bike shop in Richmond, Nelson. Two riders, Damian Stones and Erik Hall completed this 6-day adventure in mid-winter on gravel bikes. Recent snowfalls, and a first bike packing trip for Erik, made this journey all the more challenging.

Team: Damian Stones – rider / logistics / videographer Erik Hall – rider / Avanti Plus Richmond mechanic

Can you ride the Old Ghost Road and Heaphy Track on a Gravel Bike?

Can you ride the Old Ghost Road and Heaphy Track in Winter?

Here are your answers and some inspiring filming of a Kiwi adventure


The Doubtful Hope Route’- A double crossing of the Main Divide

An early winter impulsive 3 day backcountry bikepacking epic. Exploring the Amuri and Hope passes to link into a maybe un-ridden loop. Many river crossings and high hike to bike ratio meant for Type 2 fun all the way. Two mates, limited planning and a short weather window, sounds like an epic in the making…

Another great film for Deane and friend, enjoy watching


Navigation Systems, Apps & Tip’s

Overland Archive Podcast

22: Tech Talk 4 – Navigation for Bikepacking with Emma Flukes and Ty Domin

This week is another Tech Talk episode!

This time around, tackling the topic of navigation for bikepacking.

Lewis Ciddor joined by Ty Domin and Emma Flukes for a round table discussion to cover everything from our route planning processes, navigation devices, phone apps, and GPS communicators/trackers such as InReach, Spot and ePIRB/PLBs. via @PodcastAddict

I hope you enjoy and find of some help to you.

I once used a Spot Gen 3 tracker but after some disappointing tracking in two events I sold my one and replaced it with a Garmin inReach Mini and it just works, plus my Mum can now check on me in my adventures in the back blocks.

Recharging is very easy for me with a Battery Bank and having a Dynamo hub too it simple.



Mākū – New Zealand Gravel Bike Film

In November 2019 Damian Stones and Mike Anderson set off to the Marlborough Sounds across the top of the South Island in search of challenging trails on their gravel bikes. The weather forecast was less than ideal but due to time restrictions they decided to commit to this journey with the idea that, ‘surely, it can’t be that bad.’ This film was aptly named Mākū due to the adverse weather these riders faced during this 4-day adventure.

Big thanks to Shimano for the flawless Dura-ace, Ultegra and Pro components, and to keep things rolling, the GRX 650b wheelset.

Special thanks to Hyperformance Hardware for supplying the standout Santa Cruz Bicycles Stigmata.

Team: Damian Stones – rider / logistics / videographer

Mike Anderson – rider / owner My Ride Richmond

I hope you enjoy this short film and it may help with future plans.