Wolftooth Double Bottle Mounts

So if you need a second bottle the new Wolftooth Mounts work very well for me.

Parts as they come the mount “B-Rad 2” Left and the double bottle adapters

How they fit as one, Note: this is with a B-Rad 2 I ended up using a B-Rad 3 on my Bike to have more room for my Knee’s

Note: You can move your bottles up,and down with the B-Rad’s to make room for a bag too

Here it’s all mounted up on my Jones 29+ bike.

Yes my bike was wet, because it rain’s sometimes in NZ


We the B-Rad 2ed My knee would just hit my bottles


Just with the B-Rad 2


B-Rad 2 close up


We the B-Rad 3 Mounted up now my knees do not hit on big climbs


B-Rad 3 Mount up close

If you after a set of B-Rad and double bottle adapters look up Revolution Products for your local bike shop who may have them in stock or can order them. At my place of work Top Gear Cycles, Taupo we try to keep some in stock, We have sold a good number so far and had good reports from customers too.

Update: If you’re looking to run a Frame Bag too then the B-Rad’s will not work for you. So here is a mount that will work for you Trevor Woodward Bottle Cage Double Adaptor


My Adventure bike Fit

So when in OZ I learnt why I have not been comfortable on my Specialized Sequoia?

Well, I found out that with the narrow Q Factor of road cranks my feet are too close together with standard road or mountain bike pedals!

So how to fix this?

Some makes, make longer pedal axles (for me this is +6mm per side) which once fitted align my legs and this equals comfort and more control out riding.

I have learnt so much about Body Geometry Fit that I’m still buzzing.

Note: With most mountain bikes the cranks are wider spaced and I have always been much more comfortable on a Mountain Bike, and this is partly why.