Bridge to Nowhere

If your looking for a great day ride this is a great idea and film.I’m going to take my Gravel Bike this summer.Happy watching and enjoy.🙂😎👍Please Note: I have bean riding and racing offroad since the 1980’s so I’m after a little bit more of a challenge and feel very comfortable riding 42mm wide gravelContinue reading “Bridge to Nowhere”


So a new book from the Kennett Brothers called “Bikepacking Aotearoa” is out next week from most good local bike shops and book shops. Loads of information about bikepacking setup, and much more it’s great read. Would also make great present for Christmas. Enjoy the read. Pete. Bikepacking Aotearoa is a guide to twenty cycling adventuresContinue reading “BIKEPACKING AOTEAROA BOOK”

Changing my Bike (a little more) and Why

Updated: 20/01/2019 So I updated my Bikefit post again I only rode about 800 km’s of TA 2018 because of my head injury in late 2017! I made the right call to stop. The fit and comfort of my Pivot worked out great, I could ride around the world with this setup. But being made from carbonContinue reading “Changing my Bike (a little more) and Why”